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Service configuration


Polska wersja po kliknięciu: tutaj

SecureVPN Service Configuration

VPN Services Technical Terms

What you need to do to use the VPN Service

  • Use of the VPN Service is based on the terms described in the VPN Services Terms.
  • Use of the VPN Service is done using the recommended WireGuard software.
  • For best experience of the VPN Service, it is recommended to have internet access of at least 5 Mbps, delays not worse than 100 milliseconds and no packet loss in IP transit on the way from the User to the VPN Server.
  • If you have internet access with weaker parameters than indicated above, your use of the VPN Service may be difficult or at the expense of the quality of the VPN Service, but this is for reasons beyond SecureVPN's control.

Network limitations

Note that VPN Server automatically blocks the following network ports:

  • 25 TCP
  • 6600-7000 TCP
  • 6600-7000 UDP

It is not possible to receive and send data from these or to these VPN-enabled network ports.

We prohibit the use of any P2P data exchange platforms with the VPN Service enabled.


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